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XUL, the XML-based User-interface Language

Apr 22

XUL is the XML-based User-Interface Language developed by Mozilla. The XUL uses XML to describe and create custom user interface constucts. These constructs are created using the same Mozilla engine that manages the HTML content for the browser.

The concept for the creation of XUL is so that developers have a means to deliver Internet applications that look and feel like desktop applications.

This XML-based GUI construction language is intended to be a standardised 'cross-browser' solution for UI design substituting the use of Java and the Intricacies of DHTML.

Currently the only browser that supports XUL is Netscape 6+ (the entire browser interface was created using XUL).

More information about XUL can be found at:

Oasis Open, XUL Tutorial, Applese.

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