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Create the Mac look

Jan 15

Heres a little bit of fun with DHTML, it only works on IE know.
Enjoy the Mac

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Jakarta - Log 1.0 Taglib

Jan 21

The Log library allows you to embed logging calls in your JSP which can be output to a variety of destinations thanks to the power of the log4j project.

Jakarta Taglibs - Log Tag Library

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YAB - Yet Another Browser

Jan 22

Safari for Mac OS X.

Yet another browser to support. Not a worry if it supports 'the standards' correctly, I wonder!!

Safari uses software from the Konqueror open source project to implement its web page rendering engine. Weighing in at less than one tenth the size of another open source renderer, Konqueror helps Safari stay lean and responsive.

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IE Booster

Jan 22

Web Browser Extensions for Internet Explorer 5/6

IE Booster is the product name for a collection of tools that extend the context menu of Internet Explorer. These tools are very handy for the developer and include the following features:

  • Highlight CSS specific elements.

  • Show Server Response

  • Show referenced Stylesheets

  • Show Images

  • Resize Window

Download now from paessler.com

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Confused about DVD-R/RW formats?

Jan 23

Don't be confused about DVD write formats
DVDplusRW.org gives us the FAQ's about all of them. So to learn about DVD recording click here

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