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Jakarta - Log 1.0 Taglib

Feb 8

The Log library allows you to embed logging calls in your JSP which can be output to a variety of destinations thanks to the power of the log4j project.

Jakarta Taglibs - Log Tag Library

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neteyeć—­ actioncache

Feb 11

The neteye actioncache is an extension to the jakarta struts framework. It is intended for projects that use struts to display data provided by content management systems. With the neteye actioncache your actions (and views) that display the content are only invoked when the underlying data has changed. All you have to do is to write a little bit of code that tells the controller when the data was last modified. You can dramatically boost the performance of your website because time expensive operations like data retrieval, JSP processing or XSLT transformations are only performed once. But the most important feature is that not only whole pages can be cached, but also several fragments. If for example the navigation looks the same on all pages of a certain category the same cached snippet can be used.

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