Java Enterprise Best Practices

Apr 10 looks at excerpts from the O'Reilly book "Java Enterprise Best Practices".

Servlet Best Practices, Part 1
Servlets have dominated the recent server-side Java landscape and have become the standard way to interface Java to the Web. This chapter, the first of three book excerpts from Java Enterprise Best Practices, discusses effective servlet-based development and deployment.

Servlet Best Practices, Part 2
In part two of three in this series of book excerpts on servlet best practices from Java Enterprise Best Practices, learn about caching with servlets.

Servlet Best Practices, Part 3
In this final excerpt on servlets from Java Enterprise Best Practices, we present how to effectively send files for download. Getting it right across Web browsers takes a bit of work, but with this tip you'll have it right in no time.

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James Griffin
April 10, 2003