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Is the Web dead?

May 1

After working in the Internet industry now for more than eight years, I dont know about you but im finding that more and more web sites are closing. Or being updated so infrequently that its almost years before you see anything new.

My own home towns' website hasnt changed for so long that the copyright logo is dated 1999, Reading Town

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Why its so easy to crash Internet Explorer

May 7

Here is a simple piece of html mark-up that will cause IE 5.0 + to crash.

<input type crash>

And here is the link to prove it!

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May 12

A Java implementation of the popular postnuke Content Management System is born.

The port of postnuke to the JBOSS framework was mainly due to the fact that the current PHP implementation is not quite up to scratch is some areas, for instance in scalability, execution time and data caching.

My only reservation is that the port is exactly that, therefore the View (html) is produced within the servlets via the old 'print' statements. This port could have been the ideal time to implement a MVC paradigm using either JSP/Struts or Velocity.

find out more about the project here

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CSS - Zen Garden

May 13

Zen Garden is simply a web page designed to demonstrate the use of CSS.

It is hoped that many people (graphic designers) will submit their own designs by only modifying the CSS. There seems to be only a few submissions as yet, and those are by the designer himself. Therefore I thought I’d mention the site here.

Why not download the CSS and start submitting your own designs!

Access Zen Garden here

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While I remember the Tab

May 26

This site was mentioned by Zeldman because of their really good implementation of CSS Tabular menus, so thats why im documenting it here for future reference.

The site also gives reference to these css menus.
Read on:-

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