Remote Scripting

Jul 10

Today web sites are trying to become more and more like traditional applications, however the call-response-reload model used in HTTP transactions makes this concept difficult and clumbersome to implement.

Applets (browser plug-ins) were created to allow the developer to build these more complex client-side applications, allowing connections directly to the server, for example in the infamous 'chat' applet. However these applets are seen to be rather 'heavy-weight' and more often than not look drab on website.

In modern browsers we can use DHTML to create dynamic content from the server without having to reload a page.

This 'remote scripting' concept is introduced on the Apple developer website.

- Remote Scripting with IFRAME - Apple
- Remote Scripting with IFRAME - O Reilly
- DotVoid - Remote Scripting with javascript
- DHTMLCentral - Remote Scripting with javascript
- Remote Scripting Resources

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James Griffin
July 10, 2003