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Struts, Tiles and JSF

Oct 1

Interesting article from the IBM developerworks website regarding Struts, Tiles and the all new Java Server Faces.

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Regular Expressions

Oct 13

Here's a site I wish I would have found a while ago when I needed an expression for UK post codes. Its got a whole host of expressions ready to cut n paste :)

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The Lynx effect

Oct 16

Im going to have to put all my favelets / bookmarklets in one place, but until I do here is a favelet (by pixy) that lets you view your page as it would be seen via Lynx.

You know what to do, just add this to you favorites.

LynxView of the document

Viewing that link reminds me I must use lists for my side links :o|

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Smashing Pumpkins!

Oct 22

As its that time of year again I thought I'd blog this site. Its all about the art of extreme pumpkin carving.

BTW, the puking pumpkin is my favorite.

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3ds Max 6.0

Oct 28
Max 6.0 hits us with a whole host of improvements and new features. Check out the full lowdown at the 3ds site.
  • Schematic View
  • Particle Flow
  • Vertex Paint
  • mental ray&®3.2
  • reactor®2 dynamics
  • Dynamic Shader UI
  • Network Render to Texture
  • Network Region Render
  • Spline/Patch Modeling
  • Relax UV's
  • Mirror Skin Weights
  • Edit Vertex Normals
  • Shell Modifier
  • Load/Save Rendering Settings

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Flash back

Oct 30

It痴 been a while since Flash graced my desktop.

It also took a while to remember how to move all my scene objects. The problem occurs when you want to resize the scene document. It would be ideal if once resized the scene objects would take up relative positions to the new size, alas they don稚.

I finally found the solution it entails using "Edit Multiple Frames" icon and setting this to cover the whole timeline, selecting all (ctrl-a), then you can finally move all your objects, this will not affect motion or shape tweens.

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Vector Tracing

Oct 30

With the sudden requirement to turn some images into vector graphics I turned to look at these.

Autotrace also has a number of GUI implementations created by other Open source developers.

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