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Lots of logos

Nov 6

There are over 5000 free logos in Illustrator format available from this Russian site I swear they will be useful one day.

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Lots of buttons

Nov 13

1652 buttons and counting at, why not upload your own buttons (they must follow the same format!!). You can also download a zip of the current library.

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Php implementation of Struts

Nov 20

php.MVC implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, and encourages application design based on the Model 2 paradigm.

php.MVC is a PHP port of Jakarta Struts. I think this project is only at the beta stage at the moment but is worth tracking for future reference.

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Restricting bandwidth

Nov 25

So your Internet connection speed is super fast, but your client's isnt. To make sure you dont get carried away with bandwidth hungry pages test them all first using a slow down proxy.

Using Sloppy you can set your download limit to mimic a dial-up modem, and using a timer you can produce a rought estimate on how long a page will take to download.

Another application that simulates web speed is available from, this shareware app also gives download timings for each individual file.

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Styles in the Crib

Nov 26

A CSS crib sheet well worth referencing from mezzoblue. It contains loads of CSS related issues all in one place and is often updated if and when new things are discovered.

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