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What about Bob?

Jan 1

Bob MonkhouseI was hoping that Bob Monkhouse would get a proper tribute from the BBC, instead there was a slight mention and a re-run of an old showing of room 101.

I had the upmost respect for Bob and hopefully the beeb will dust off some of his work for us some time soon, even if its only one of his radio programmes.

Robert Monkhouse 1928 - 2004

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A dot com for 2004

Jan 9

Happy new year!!

A new year and on the off chance I noticed that www.griffininteractive.com was available to buy, so although by now it really doesn't matter I just couldn't help myself.

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w3c your page is not Valid

Jan 14

The w3c validator fails its own validation.

I decided to check the w3c validator page using the w3c validator check page itself. It failed the check for valid XHTML (Strict).

Im sure by the time you read this and check this link it will be ammended.

Check the w3c validator check page

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LDAP - Public access playground

Jan 18

So you just want to test your LDAP application against a pre-populated database, and there's no time to install your own and add dummy data.

Why not try one of these LDAP servers that are set-up specifically for this reason.

To access:-

To install:-

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Jan 18

Back in November (2003) I blogged an entry about php.MVC, with a need to pursue this futher i've discovered a whole host of sites all regarding the Model-View-Controller and PHP.

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Glass buttons

Jan 18

There are so many sites of late that give a Mac type look n' feel with their glass design buttons.

Here are a just a few sites that document the creation of such ideals (google search word is Mac pill button).

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Installing MySQL

Jan 20

The following links take you through a step by step installation of MySQL on Linux Redhat.

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Football badges

Jan 24

Just a selection of my old football icons once used for a division 2 English football league website back in 2000.

Continue reading
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An eye for usability

Jan 29

The Usability Company used eye tracking technology to determine users web page behaviour.

Studies found that people in general navigate websites following similar patterns. For instance we all prefer to browse information that is formatted vertically as opposed to horizontally, much like the formatting of a magazine and newspaper. We also prefer single lines of text instead of large paragraphs.

The study also discovered that site visitors focus on the center of the webpage first and then track up to the top left hand corner where they expect to find a navigational point or site logo.

There is also mention of the fact that the most successful sites on the web follow a similar layout of left hand navigation and a clickable logo in the top left hand corner. However the report did not mention whether these users where new to web page browsing or frequent users, in which case these users would expect the navigation to be on the left as this is the most common layout.

The report is available as a PDF download from The Usability Company website.

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Web design

Prank calls on the Radio

Jan 30

I stumbled across this streaming internet radio station Radio Prank whilst trying to find some of the old Jerky Boys material.

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A list of definitions

Jan 31

Russ Weakley of Maxdesign has written an article all about html definition lists. It includes possible uses for these rarely used tags, and also gives examples of use with great styles.

  1. <dl>
  2.     <dt>Winter</dt>
  3.     <dd>Cold and dark</dd>
  4.     <dt>Summer</dt>
  5.     <dd>Warm and bright</dd>
  6. </dl>
(W3C definition list specification)

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