Blogging within the workplace

Feb 4

Richard MacManus of envisages widespread use of web blogging within the workplace this year. The reason for this is that he along with many others (including me) believe that blogging could be used to fill the void of communication found within many medium to large corporations.

The quote below reminds me very much of the current situation within my workplace:

"One project team often won't know what another project team is doing, even though there may be a lot of knowledge they could share that would be mutually beneficial and therefore benefit the company as a whole."

Where I work we are currently attempting to tie project team blogs together into a departmental intranet, it is hoped that this will open up communication channels and produce the project awareness that is dearly lacking.

We will only discover the fruits of our labour within the comming months. However I am slightly dubious on how much information will be freely broadcast across departments as similarly suited teams struggle for supremacy.

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James Griffin
February 4, 2004