A value driven Intranet

Mar 2

Shiv Singh of Boxes and Arrows writes on how to define a 'Value-Driven Intranet'.

The article attempts to brush past the current Intranet related buzz words and encourages the designer to focus on the customer (employees) requirements. This may mean building an Intranet site that consists of tailored core services specific to individual business needs, but in the same instance not too narrowly sighted that these services are seen to be catering to an individual team, as this may create the opposite affect and encourage the growth of silos within the organisation.

As a result of creating smaller focused services the Intranets overall success and effectiveness will be difficult to quantify. Raw website hit results should not be used to measure the Intranets success but instead overall project efficiency should be observed so as to evaluate if the core Intranet services are being utilised. These observations can then be used to refine and define future services for the Intranet.

Intranet objectives such as increased employee communication, collaboration, and knowledge management are hard to quantify and measure. As a result, some corporations choose to establish tactile goals in the form of metrics such as page views, total hits, and customer satisfaction ratings. This approach is not effective for understanding and measuring the value creation driven through your intranet. Measuring the value is difficult, as the intranet's greatest benefits to an organization are not in a measurable, packaged, and corporeal form.

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James Griffin
March 2, 2004