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Find a Font

Aug 5

If you find you need to track down a font on the web just how do you go about doing it?

I combine the resources of these two websites to discover a font that I need to work with.

Identifont lets you discover a desired font, its wizard allows you to add more information about the font in the hope that you can get to download the original.

What the Font is even better at tracking down the original font. Simply upload an image of text, and the sites recognition software trys to trackdown the original font. That is extremely useful.

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IE and CSS :focus

Aug 16

CSS gives us (the web designer) the ability to add a pseudo class called :hover and :focus, however Internet Explorer does not support such functionality, and therefore you cannot tell if an anchor tag is legitamately chosen.
shows us how we can get around this, using a .htc file ( we can add the functionality to our web site. It is not ideal and if you have a large stylesheet it wont work at all.

So what does it do? the .htc file reads all your external stylesheets and replaces any instance of :focus / :hover with a JavaScript alternative.

Don't take my word for it, give it ago, and try to extend the functionality too.

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Web design