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XMLHttpRequest Object methods

Jul 15
Description of the Methods and Properties used to make up the XMLHttpRequest Object
abort()Stops the current request.
getAllResponseHeaders()Returns the response headers as a string.
getResponseHeader("headerLabel")Returns a single response header as a string.
open("method", "URL"[, asyncFlag[,
"userName"[, "password"]]])
Initializes the request parameters.
send(content)Performs the HTTP request.
setRequestHeader("label", "value")Sets a label/value pair to the request header.
onreadystatechangeUsed to set the callback function that handles request state changes.
readyStateReturns the status of the request:
0 = uninitialised
1 = loading
2 = loaded
3 = interactive
4 = complete
responseTextReturns the server response as a string.
responseXMLReturns the server response as an XML document.
StatusReturns the status code of the request.
statusTextReturns the status message of the request.

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Web design

Mobile Web Guidelines

Jul 27

With input from big players such as Google, Microsoft, Nokia, AOL, AT&T, Ericsson, GoDaddy, and Vodafone the W3C have defined a set of basic guidelines for developing mobile Web content.

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0, consists of instructions on how to avoid technical issues when viewing web content from mobile devices.

The guidelines also focus on how to prevent known problems such as pop-up windows, horizontal page scrolling and more. It is seen that these guides will aid content authors, web developers and web designers when planing to create websites that will also be available via mobile devices.

There is also a Wiki dedicated to the Mobile Web Best Practices, enabling people to actively respond and add valuable input.

Mobile Web Best Practices Wiki

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