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BBC Explain Web Accessibility

May 4

When a national TV network air a story on Web Accessibility you know, finally knowledge is spreading and soon enough people will take notice.

Explaining Accessibility to clients back in 2003 was difficult, So it is great to see topics such as Web Accessibility covered on the BBC's technology programme.

Okay, some of the facts are a little scew; CSS has actually been around way before stated (Try looking at Effective Use of Style Sheets, dated 1997).

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Google's User Experience for Mobile Applications

May 6

Google have unveiled their Mobile User Experience Strategy for the delivery of Mobile Applications. To read more on the overall strategy check out the article "Google’s Mobile User Experience Strategy" over at Information Week.

Google state that the application design can be segmented into 6 layers:

  1. Understanding users, anywhere, anytime
  2. Fits in your pocket
  3. More personal than the PC
  4. Consistency across modes
  5. Localization is intensified
  6. Integrated devices, modes, products

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Introducing the Slider control

May 17

Slider controlThe slider as a control interface can be found on a number of appliances within the home. Maybe more so within older analogue interfaces such as a television volume control or Hi-fi graphic equaliser.

All in all the sliders prime use is to control a range, where the position of the slider defines the control.

In this article we look at common uses of the 'Slider' within the home, the computer interface, web and Mobile UI.

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UI Design Patterns

Alien Attack

May 28

Whilst looking through some dated archives I found some old animations, before condemning them to the waste bin I decided to upload a few to youtube for future reference.

ISS-7 Alien Attack was a university animation project (1998), and created using 3D Studio Max.

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