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Prototyping Mobile Apps

Jul 15
Mobile Prototyping

Creating a Mobile prototype is key to the success of any Mobile App, it helps us iterate our designs and qualify our approach through usability testing.

Things have moved on since the days of Visio and OmniGraffle, we now have a larger variety of tools at our disposal for Wireframing and designing web sites and applications. The likes of Axure, Balsamiq and others help demonstrate the rich interactive behaviour we expect to see in the end product.

When it comes to designing Mobile Apps it's so important to be able to demonstrate how the app will actually behave on the mobile device. We need to see how certain transitions and animations can be tailored to act as waypoints and help enrich the experience.

We've listed a number of useful tools that can be used effectively to prototype your Mobile Apps. These range from simple tools that allow a collection of images to be linked together via tap zones, to more complex applications that help you wireframe a design using a host of native app interfaces.

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