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Building Apache

Feb 15

The following article explains how to build, install, configure and maintain a basic Apache build on a Linux based platform.

This is a very old article but the content is still useful for reference.

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Axis - Apache's web service framework

Apr 13

Once there was Apache SOAP which is an implementation of the SOAP submission to W3C. It also supersedes, the IBM SOAP4J implementation.

Now there is Apache AXIS which is also an implementation of the SOAP submission to W3C. However Axis supersedes Apache SOAP in functionality, performance, and interoperability and, in particular, has passed Sun's JAX-RPC and SAAJ compliance tests.

Axis provides a high level Java API for working with web services, and can also be used to create web services.


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Jakarta - Log 1.0 Taglib

Feb 8

The Log library allows you to embed logging calls in your JSP which can be output to a variety of destinations thanks to the power of the log4j project.

Jakarta Taglibs - Log Tag Library

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