Google's User Experience for Mobile Applications

May 6

Google have unveiled their Mobile User Experience Strategy for the delivery of Mobile Applications. To read more on the overall strategy check out the article "Google’s Mobile User Experience Strategy" over at Information Week.

Google state that the application design can be segmented into 6 layers:

  1. Understanding users, anywhere, anytime
  2. Fits in your pocket
  3. More personal than the PC
  4. Consistency across modes
  5. Localization is intensified
  6. Integrated devices, modes, products

Understanding users, anywhere, anytime

Mobile users can be divided into three behavior groups:

Repetitive now

A mobile user who checks for the same information over and over again.

Bored now

A user with time on their hands.

Urgent now

User with a need to fulfill an immediate task.


Maintain a consistent look-n-feel across all Google applications.

Localization is intensified

Drive mobile content through localisation - This is a key advantage for Mobile applications, especially with the recent introduction of readily available Location Enabled Devices (Nokia N95 - with GPS Mapping).

In the mobile world developers have to be prepared to optimize for different devices, browsers, languages, carriers, countries and cultures.

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James Griffin
May 6, 2007