Great Mobile Web Performance resources of 2011

Dec 30


2011 has truly been a great year for Mobile Web, we’ve finally seen the adoption of Mobile First thinking within the web design community (originally coined by Luke Wroblewski way back in 2009).

Retail sites have seen a huge influx of visitors from Mobile devices, forcing them to rethink their web strategy to include mobile.

The increase in mobile web traffic has almost certainly put a strain on the Mobile Network Operators abilities to deliver data at speeds necessary for the end user.

2011 has seen some great articles, resources and recommendations for mobile web site performance.

Here is a list of noteworthy articles and resources:-


1. Mobile Web & HTML5 performance optimization

Maximiliano Firtman’s talk at Velocity 2011 highlighting the difference of mobile browsers and key techniques in optimizing for mobile performance.


2. HTML5 Techniques for Optimizing Mobile Performance

Wesley Hales details exactly how to improve mobile performance though a number of HTML5 techniques

Web Performance Today

3. Web Performance Today

A selection of articles focused on Mobile Web Performance

Google Code

4. Optimize for Mobile

Google outline key areas for optimizing for Mobile Web

Performance Calendar

5. Performance Calendar

A selection or articles relating to mobile performance

Steve Souders

6. site on Optimization

Some really great research and tools to help understand Mobile Web Optimization and Performance.


7. Unraveling the Mobile in Mobile Web Performance

A look at how hardware, software and the mobile network influence mobile performance.

Other note worth articles from 2011:

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December 30, 2011